Bison and Cattle Ranch 

bullet imagebullet imageShady T Ranch has raised cattle since 2009 and added a Bison Herd in 2014.  The Bison herd is now at 9 head and will continue to increase as new animals are purchased. We sell vacuum packaged Bison meat.

  Tom and Shady

Purchased the new ranch location in 2009 and moved the Shady T Ranch from the 10 1/2 acre property in Waxahachie, Texas to the 147 acre property in Corsicana, Texas.


The big bull, he runs the show and keeps all the Bison in line.  Brutus is joined on the ranch by 7 females and two bull calves born June 2018. 


Born on July 2018, she is the newest donkey on the ranch and one of four donkeys. The ranch is also home for 17 head of cattle, a dog, and a bunch of cats.